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110 was originally established at the Port of Yokohama in Japan, and have supplied quality vehicles around the world via Yokohama port.
Official membership of over 120+ Auction houses here within Japan. Covering all of the Used Vehicles Auction Houses allows 110 to ensure the cheapest prices within all of the Competitors/Exporters in Japan.

We didn’t become a large auto shipping and moving company by accident. It involved a lot of hard work, research, and the willingness to do the job right.

110 AUTO JAPAN firmly believes in building strong relationships with each of our customers. It doesn’t matter if you require a one-time shipment, or a frequent one, we treat all of our customers fairly.

In order to deliver this experience, we stick by our three core values:




As a customer, you can rest assured that we are always doing everything we can to provide you with an exceptional experience.

We are proud to supply you the gateway to the highest quality used cars with Fast, Reliable, and Quality Service

All brands

Deals in all High Quality Japanese Used Cars.

Free Support

110 Auto Japan offers 24x7 email support and 24x5 phone and chat support (814-56700-143)


We are affiliated partners with Nazli Trading & Khan Motors


Secure payment. Zero hidden cost. Absolute peace of mind.

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